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Related article: Clarendon, and the Prince named Canopus to defend. Villiers made 324 BAILYS MAGAZINE. [November all the running, and won by 15 lengths. The race for the Whip is the longest run under Jockey Club rules: it is run at the Second October Meeting over the Beacon Course, 4 miles i Buy Cheap Levothyroxine furlong 177 yards. The weight to be carried is 10 stone, and the stakes 200 sovs. a-side. The Whip may be challenged for twice a year, and the challenge must be accepted or Levothyroxine Online the trophy given up ; no challenge issued last October, but the later opportunity was taken by Lord Ellesmere and Sir £. Cassel. Under the rules Mr. Archibald Gold was obliged to accept the challenge or resign holdership of the Whip by July 31st. Villiers having died, he adopted the latter course, and thus the race was re- duced to a match as is usual. The first sheet calendar in Octo- ber contained the names of Levothyroxine Buy Online the horses nominated, Generic Levothyroxine Lord Elles- mere's Ultimatum and Sir E. Cassel's Gadfly to wit, and on the concluding day of the New- market Second October Meeting, Gadfly beat Ultimatum by four lengths, making Sir E. Cassell holder of the Whip for the year. The Whip may not leave the United Kingdom. It is a short, heavy, old-fashioned jockey whip ; the hair interwoven and plaited through the ring on the handle is from the tail of the Purchase Levothyroxine Online famous Eclipse. G. B. A Gun-Room Causerie. in.— CARTRIDGES. To the sportsman possessing scien- tific instinct there is something very irritating in the dominance of the ordinary standard Where To Buy Levothyroxine cartridge. He views it with feelings akin to that of the engineer who sees the railway gauge the Stephensons determined by Where Can I Buy Levothyroxine measuring the axle of the first vehicle they happened upon accepted, and that calculated by Isambard Brunei forsaken. The cartridge came in the same hap-hazard fashion. Eley Cheap Levothyroxine and Daw, two enterprising manufac- turers of long ago, brought it from France, and by adopting its size for their own wares, created the standard cartridge case. Mathe- matically it is not what it ought to be. Its dimensions Purchase Levothyroxine are wrong, both in relation to its contents and the capacity of the barrel in which it is fired. Still, it persists. The conveniences arising from ex- tensive use are greater than the ad- vantages expected from a change. The extra long cartridge did little to threaten the supremacy of the standard length. It remains to be seen whether the short cart- ridge will prove a serious rival. Time Buy Levothyroxine Uk was when, given a gun of a certain calibre, the right load was found for it and adopted. Now, if there is any one rule that governs the general construction of shot guns, it is that each gun is built of such dilnensions as will best serve to shoot a given charge. In old days one measured the charge by the number of fingers*- breadth the ramrod projected from the muzzle ; with the early breech- loaders the maximum load was determined by the length of the standard cartridge-case. A quarter of a century ago choke-boring was adopted and the shooting of guns 1900.] A GUN-ROOM CAUSBRIE. 325 improved. New explosives, hard shot, accurate loading and many things of less importance, all con- tributed to a better performance at targets and game. The cart- ridge case remained of the same Order Levothyroxine size. Adherence to the standard cramped gunmakers and hindered the development of sporting ex- plosives. Pigeon shooters broke away from the bonds by using extra long cases in special weapons, but their requirements were of a special kind, and the lengthening of the case was much the same sort of thing as yacht designers Buy Levothyroxine resort to in order to get the greatest advantage with a certain rule of measurement. Their efforts have but little practical effect upon shipbuilding, and pigeon guns and cartridges are not generally used for game shooting. With guns and explosives the tendency is towards concentration. Guns are made lighter, shorter and handier ; modern explosives in- crease in strength as they diminish in bulk, and loads are smaller than they were. A cartridge case of the standard length is not re- quired in order to obtain the best shooting with the standard charge and load. No advantage is de- rived from filling up with wad- ding ; the cartridge case ought to be shorter, and the chamber shorter too. Guns specially built for short cartridges iVould meet all the ordinary requirements of sportsmen. Without sacrificing the shooting qualities the barrels might be shorter, the Buy Levothyroxine Sodium gun, there- fore handier and better balanced, and, possibly, other advantages ■developed which at present are not apparent. Every one who has used the 2-in. cartridges in ordinary guns has found the advantage of the shorter case. The cartridges are lighter, they extract better, and VOL. Lxxiv. — NO. 489. they are cheaper. On the other hand, there is the risk — a slight one, certainly — that the shot may ball occasionally. That risk would be avoided if the guns were speci- ally chambered for the short cases, but the short chamber in the gun of ordinary dimensions would not be so Order Levothyroxine Online advantageous as a gun built throughout to use a short cart- ridge and no other. It is this last that is specially recommended to sportsmen and gunmakers. Apparently the short cartridges perform well in the ordinary gun, choke-bored or cylinder. Here is an Levothyroxine Buy instance : nine brace of birds and five rabbits bagged in Sep- tember with twenty-four consecu- tive shots ; two- inch cases loaded with concentrated nitro and one ounce of No. 7 hard shot. All